Cherry trees and New Balance shoes.

On my recent trip to Japan, I was dying to see cherry blossoms. Unfortunately, we went there a few weeks too early for the sakura season which meant that I barely spotted any blossoms before my last day.
And then on my last day – voila! We went to the Shinjuku park and there were cherry trees, in all their glory and beauty!
I do have to say, I want to go back to Japan when the trees are in full bloom. I never realised how the cherry trees dominated Japan’s landscape and how stunning it must be in early April.DSCF0371


DSCF0353 DSCF0318 DSCF0324 DSCF0325
On such a beautiful day, it was only appropriate I wore my favorite (and ridiculously loud sneakers) from New Balance. I got them as one of my Christmas presents and for the first couple of months or so, was terrified of wearing them. I love the colour and did not want to scuff them. However, what a better place to wear bright turquoise shoes than Tokyo (they looked somewhat understated there, frankly). I can’t wait to wear them in summer with denim shorts and (faux) tanned legs or black-only outfits.
Speaking of bright turquoise, in my work environment, I have to wear conservative clothes and muted colours (black, navy, white, beige – you get the idea. Although black and navy is considered to be as too adventurous. And brown and navy is just a no no). Therefore, in my spare time, I end up wearing some random loud colours (and sequins, I love sequins). I think that’s why I named my blog ‘Secret style of a city girl’. I work in the city of London for a large firm where the rules are strict and fashion is not a thing and I needed an outlet for all the random things I love that cannot be part of my personality at work (does that make sense?).
You can find the New Balance trainers at,20/1233233323 and they are even at sale at £40 down from £70.
My dress is French Connection  and although it’s last season, you can still find it on Ebay
My bag is the Michael Kors Mini Selma in Aqua and the coat is from Uniqlo and needs to be replaced ASAP (I have had it for years now and the only reason I have not yet replaced it is because it was a present from my boyfriend.
What do you think about New Balance shoes? Have you been to Japan?
City Girl (aka Kristina)

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