5 out 1 in. Starting a series.

So, I got myself in a bit of a pickle… Let’s be honest, I love clothes and beauty products, but tend to go overboard sometimes (5 different types of body lotion at any time, anyone?). I live in a rented 1 bed flat with my fiance (we got engaged on Saturday. It is not relevant to this post but I am incredibly excited so have been mentioning it in any conversation I have. With anyone. Anywhere)) which means the place gets cluttered easily. And at the moment, the situation has reached critical levels. My bathroom shelves are stuffed and clothes are all over the place as we do not have enough storage.
In an attempt to declutter and organise, I am introducing a ‘5 out 1 in’ rule for beauty related products i.e. I can only purchase a new product once I have used up 5 old ones. And no cheating by throwing away half finished products.
It’s more complex when it comes to clothes – I don’t want to just start chucking things to make space for new purchases. I think for clothes it will be more the case of 1 out 1 in (although it does not help me with the cluttering problem at all). Scrap that, 2 out – 1 in. The key is to donate or throw away things I don’t wear anymore or don’t fit me anymore and get my mess under control.
Anyhoo, the point is, I am introducing a first series in the blog ‘5 out 1 in’. The idea is that the blog posts will do a mini review of the beauty/skin products I have used up and introduce the 1 product I purchase. For clothing items, I will give some background to why the item is leaving my wardrobe and also introduce it’s replacement.
Expect the first post in the series in the next couple of weeks!
City Girl

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