5 out 1 in – Ripe Peach by Mac

So there was a bit of a blog hiatus this week as I struggled to combine my day work and blogging but I expect that the posts will go back to normal in the coming weeks.
Anyhow, I am very excited about this post as it’s a first in my ‘5 out 1 in’ series. If you didn’t read my introductory post, the idea is that in the coming months, I am trying to use up as many products as possible (to declutter my already cluttered teeny home).
I have been working my way through a number of products over the last couple of weeks and wanted to share the first ‘victims’.


Dove silk moisturising body wash
I really enjoyed using this, it’s creamy and moisturising (and I have very, very dry skin!) and very widely available. It only costs a few pounds so won’t break the bank either!
Emery board nail files
I have tens of these lying around all over the flat and, frankly, am glad to have used up 2. These are the ones from Boots (you get 5 of them in the pack, which is the reason why I have so many of them) and, just like the Dove body wash, are cheap and do their job well.
I am considering investing in a glass nail file because a) based on my research, they seem to be better for the nails and b) they last longer than the simple emery board files.
Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body scrub
Well. I have to say I like this one very much. I have used this scrub before ( and, when it comes to scrubs, I rarely venture outside the Soap & Glory family) and I love it’s oily moisturising texture. It leaves my skin feeling and looking very supple and I adore the smell (very fresh and citrus-y).
Best part – it’s £8 at Boots and Soap & Glory products are often on offer (usually 3 for 2).
Maybelline Master Brow pencil in Soft Brown
This is one excellent brow product – probably my favorite to date. The colour is great for light – medium brunettes because it’s not too dark or harsh. The pencil has a nice waxy texture and the little brow brush on the other end just makes it so much faster to get your brows groomed. It’s £2.99 (jeez, I really do like a bargain when it comes to beauty products, don’t I?) and it took me about a year to use it up so it’s excellent value.
KMS California Colour Vitality Shampoo (not in the picture)
So about 4-5 months ago, I ombre-ed my hair and wanted to step up my shampoo/conditioner game to make sure that the colour lasts well. My hairdresser recommended this line to me but I have to say, I am not convinced.
While the shampoo (and the conditioner) did make my colour last well and kept it lovely and vibrant for months, my scalp got very itchy over time and I started suffering from dandruff (sorry if dandruff grosses you out but I thought it’s best to be honest). I do have to admit, I have a very sensitive scalp so possibly most people would get on with this shampoo very well, but it really wasn’t for me. The conditioner, on the other hand, was lovely.

Now, the big reveal – my ‘1 in’… Drum roll please…

DSCF0395 It’s the Ripe Peach blusher by Mac.
I remember when it came out the first time round – I just started reading make up blogs and was at university and hence not that keen to spend £20+ on a blusher.
Not this time round though. The moment I found out the were re-releasing it in the Toledo collection, I knew I was going to get it. After some unsuccessful attempts to find it in Tokyo, I managed to get it on Mac’s website. When I checked again about 5 minutes after my purchase (because I realised I would probably need a back up), it was already sold out again. It is sold out at the moment but if you’re keen to get your hands on it, I recommend you just keep checking the website.
To me, Ripe Peach is the perfect blusher for summer. Obviously, it’s a peach blusher and it has lovely golden shimmer running through it. I am relatively pale at the moment so when I wear it, I try to pick up more of the lighter colours in the blusher but it will look stunning when I have a tan.IMG_1686[1] Did you manage to get your hands on Ripe Peach?

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