Soho Saturdays

So this morning I woke up dying to see some animals. The weather in London is still rubbish so London Zoo was out of question and it would have been a five hour of wait for the aquarium (damn you Bank Holiday weekend!) so we ended up going to Soho instead. Not to see animals, obviously, just grab some lunch and dessert.


Lunch was Bone Daddies, which was a bit of a disappointment. Not because their ramen is not good, trust me it’s excellent. It’s just that I had the most incredible meals in Tokyo and nothing will ever compare. Yes, going to Japan has ruined Japanese food for me in London. For that reason, I can never go to China or India.
Anyhow, the real discovery of the day was Snowflake –  an ice cream place I have not tried before (which was the shocker in the first place). The ice cream in the flavour Snowflake is to die for – white chocolate, almonds, incredibly rich and creamy. Probably the best ice cream I have tried to date in London!

IMG_1697[1] IMG_1699[1] IMG_1709[1]

One sticking point for me, however, was the interior. It was quite shiny and plastic looking and it just didn’t feel like a place where I wanted to sit with my girlfriends for ours and chat away our troubles.

IMG_1696[1] IMG_1693[1]

My dress, by the way, is from Asos ( and I can already tell that I will be wearing it all through the spring/summer.
Have you been to Snowflake?

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