Casual consumerism.

I had an epiphany today browsing the isles of TK Maxx. And it’s a big one.
A couple was (I can only presume) buying some accents for their home and they were on a lookout for a vase. To be honest, the vase selection was iffy to say the least (they looked like something my grandmother had in the 1980s in Lithuania). Anyhow, I overheard the conversation the couple was having and it was essentially along the lines of ‘Well we need a vase, so let’s just pick one from here and be done with it’.

They didn’t like any of the vases but they still ended up buying one. Spending their hard earned money on it! Don’t get me wrong, it is something I have done many times before – fall into the mind trap of ‘It’s not perfect but will do for now’. I can tell you, such purchases are always short lived, never bring me much joy and usually end up in bags going to charity.
I fear to even try and calculate how much money I have casually spent buying things that I wasn’t that keen on or didn’t love (even lunch time trips to Boots count – I know I don’t like drugstore make up and skincare brands, I know they break me out but still end up spending £20 or so in a hope that the new purchase will be something special. It never is, I end up chucking it about 8 months late when I finally admit defeat).
I think what we really should be aspiring to is limiting our purchases to things we truly love (and no, you (or at least I) cannot truly love 30 shades of pink lipglosses). Just imagine – a home with only few things that bring you joy every time you look at them. And I am not talking about expensive purchases, only things that bring you joy.
I am a hugeee Pinterest addict and I notice that all the home decor pictures I pin are just minimalistic and so airy. Everything has it’s place and purpose and every piece is just lovely.
So, the moral of the story is, buy less cr@p.
As for the couple looking for a nice vase (or any of you looking for an interior refresh) –  here are my favorite picks. I am waiting for the bear vase to come back in stock (and have actually been stalking it on the website for about a year and have needed a vase for even longer than that (I use a mason jar for the time being)).
1. This bear vase/jar is stunning
2. Cox and cox has some lovely pieces this season and this one is my favorite
3. This beehive vase
4. And, finally, a lovely statement piece from

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