How not to isolate yourself when you work from home and don’t like people

I have been working mostly from home for about 6 months now and, you know what? It can be really isolating at times! Like most of the time. I have fallen into a trap where I stay in my PJ’s all day, with my hair up in an odd shapeless bun and start working before I even had my breakfast.

Truth to be told, I was looking forward to working from home – my last employer had a rather toxic atmosphere so not having to deal with drama sounded very appealing. At the same time, I had not realised how work provided me with social interactions without me even trying – no need to make plans, schedule things. I could just talk to people there and then.

I am an introvert and a homebody by nature but I guess staying at home all the time and depriving oneself from quality social interactions cannot be healthy. Add the fact that I live in the United Arab Emirates and most of my friends and family are in Lithuania and the United Kingdom and it can get pretty depressing. I have to admit that I have somewhat struggled to get to know people in Dubai that I really connect with – Dubai is a great place to be but a large number of Western expats here focus on things that do not interest me (pool parties, yacht parties, beach parties… you get the idea).

Anyway, I admit I have been a little lazy in getting social but here are a few things I have been trying out to be less of a hermit:

  1. Scheduling at least one activity a week with a friend  – it can be a lunch, a walk in the park or anything really. Key for me is to just actually make plans and stick to them.
  2. Mix up working from home with working from cute cafes. While this does not give  what I call ‘high quality’ social interactions, it does force me to get out of the house, put some clean clothes on and brush my hair.
  3. I am on a lookout for interesting clubs and groups on – maybe that will help me avoid the party crowd, Although, there seems to be a huge number of groups that focus on activities I precisely wish to avoid – a group for Drinking With Strangers… Actually, I will just set up a group myself and see if it gets any interest.
  4. Finally, being kind to myself. If I just feel like staying in and avoiding people, I will do so. Key is to make sure that I don’t stay in that state of mind for too long…

Does anyone else feel super anti-social at times?


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