Byredo perfume is certainly worth the price tag…

Everything about Byredo is just so stylish and elegant – the black and white packaging, the understated beautifully blended scents that linger throughout the day. These perfumes are pure luxury and such a wonderful investment for when you want to treat yourself. They are certainly more expensive than the average perfume (EUR190 for 100ml) but also oh so worth the price.


Bal d’Afrique is my favourite scent of the moment – so fresh and citrusy (but not in a household cleaner citrus scent type of way). It is very understated but certainly makes an impact. I have my eye on Sundazed next – it’s a more recent launch and seems to have similar undertones to Bal d’Afrique.

Mister Marvelous is a scent I bought for my husband and feels like a more masculine version of Bal d’Afrique – the same citrus notes but with a hint of musk. I also have a soft spot for the Oud Accord scent – it’s oud-y (surprise surprise), sweet and just reminds me of a Dubai winter and late night shisha sessions with my friends.

While these perfumes are certainly more expensive than a lot of the mass produced designer brands, I feel like the price is justified because the scents simply do feel a lot more luxurious and better thought out. I do struggle with the more conventional perfume brands as I often feel that the smells are either too strong, too sweet or everyone else is wearing the same perfume. I am a big believer in having few but good quality things and Byredo certainly ticks this box for me.

Have you tried Byredo perfume? Do you have any niche brands you enjoy?




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