The week in sustainability

It occurred to me yesterday that it would be fun to do a series which highlights things I have done this week that contribute to sustainability and conscious living. I will do my best to show at least some consistency with these posts but let’s see…


  • Selling unneeded furniture

We are downsizing to a smaller apartment and I am selling some of our furniture to make sure they don’t end up in landfill. I sold an old chest of drawers yesterday and still trying to shift one of our sofa sets before we move in the next few days. When we moved to our current place, we had to buy a load of furniture as it came unfurnished and we focussed getting majority of the pieces pre-owned so I am loving the fact that the pieces I am selling will be on at least their 3rd owner!

  • Using H&M clothes recycling scheme

Living in Dubai comes with a lot of sustainability guilt so I was really excited to see that H&M has rolled out their recycling initiative here as well. The gist is – you bring your old clothes and textiles to an H&M store, they take the stuff in and either repurpose it or pass it on to second hand shops and you get 15% off your next purchase at H&M. I have some old clothes and bedsheets that I have been wanted to get rid off so this is a perfect way to do it guilt free!

  • Recycling Nespresso capsules

I love coffee and am addicted to my Nespresso machine but the coffee pods add up really quickly. As a result, I am glad that Nespresso runs a recycling scheme whereby you can bring your used pods back to the store for recycling. I have a bag of a hundred or so pods that is going straight back to the store tomorrow when I am running errands.

I would love to know your slow living/sustainability habits!


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