My Net-A-Porter Sale Picks

I recently reduced my wardrobe significantly – I moved from Dubai to Mexico with just a handful of suitcases which really forced me to evaluate my approach to buying things. One of my goals for 2020 is to start building a capsule wardrobe which will reduce even further the number of items of clothing I have. The goal is to buy fewer but more functional things. To spend more per item and to get more wear out of each piece.

Screenshot 2019-12-31 at 12.58.26

The goal is not to increase my clothing budget but simply spend it more wisely and avoid impulse purchases. Think a well thought out capsule wardrobe which yields a countless number of outfit options and lasts for years!

With that thought in mind, I have compiled a list of items I wish to purchase in the coming year and compiled a list of wonderful options from the Net-A-Porter sale.

Leather Trousers

To me, that’s a wardrobe staple I have not been able to wear a lot while living in the Middle East (leather trousers in 50 degree heat are not a good idea, trust me). I had a good old Zara pair for about 5 years and got decent wear out of them but, as they were faux leather, the top layer started peeling off which meant I had to chuck them away.

I love leather trousers with anything – white shirt, chunky knits, tight bodysuits. I recommend dark colours as they are more of a staple (and I always think a wrong tone of brown or beige makes it look like you’re not wearing any trousers).

      1. These Theory trousers are at the top of my wish list –  the shape is super classic – click here
      2. Nanushka does excellent vegan leather
      3. These Rag & Bone trousers are a classic bootcut which does not really go out of style and is super flattering
      4. Alexander Wang never disappoints with its young & edgy but classic designs – I am a big fan of these faux leather trousers

Classic Blazer

This is again such a versatile and classic piece – it can be worn all the way through the year and I cannot wait to add it to my wardrobe.

  1. I love this beautiful Joseph blazer – it’s such a classic colour & shape
  2. This linen Michael Kors has enough shape and weight to also be worn in winter
  3. This Isabel Marant jacket is probably my favorite of the bunch – I love the cut!

White Shirt

Oh so many options here – you might like a classic cut, embellished sleeves, funky collars. There is no right or wrong style when it comes to a white shirt.

  1. I love the relaxed shape on this Opening Ceremony shirt
  2. This linen shirt is stunning L.F.Markey!
  3. Is it obvious yet that I have a soft spot for Joseph?
  4. The sleeves are amazing on this Khaite
  5. This is so versatile –  Matthew Adams Dolan
  6. Equipment shirt a little different but still classic!

What do you think of my pics – would you buy/wear any of these? Do you go for a capsule wardrobe or do you like the excitement of wearing new pieces more often?



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